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Now you can hire a Certified Story Grid Editor evaluation for your manuscript, short story, synopsis, query, or book proposal. Rachelle Ramirez Editorial Services, LLC performs content and developmental editing in all genres. With a decade of experience and as one of the few editors worldwide certified by The Story Grid, Rachelle Ramirez’s services are competitively priced. She completes prompt evaluations and provides manageable and actionable next steps suggestions to help get your work ready for publishing.

Schedule a FREE thirty minute phone consultation to discuss your work, what you’re hoping to accomplish, and where you might need assistance. Get advice or simply use the session to brainstorm. Your work is worth it.

Fee Schedule:

An initial thirty minute phone consultation is FREE.

A diagnostic manuscript (up to 100k words) evaluation is $997. Contact Rachelle for quotes on longer manuscripts.

Monthly developmental editing with one hour weekly phone or Skype calls is $500 per month.

A one page synopsis or query evaluation is $100.

A two page synopsis or query evaluation is $125.

Short story evaluations are .18 per word.

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“I write a lot of technical articles and Rachelle Ramirez at My Editor wades through them and discovers points that I have failed to make clear to my audience.  She poses questions that allow me to reconsider the direction or the information I am presenting.  She never changes my voice.  If anything, her suggestions strengthen it.  It is a pleasure to work with her as she always seems to ‘get’ what I’m doing and where I’m trying to take it.”
CD Redhawk, Owner of Diversity Computers

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