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Rachelle Ramirez Editorial Services, LLC helps writers tell better stories by performing content and developmental editing in all genres. With a decade of experience, I’m one of only nineteen editors worldwide who are certified by The Story Grid.

I provide manageable and actionable next steps suggestions to help get your work ready for publishing. You’ll get specific and prompt completion dates for your project and you’ll know exactly what you’re signing up for before you pay. I know what it’s like to be taken advantage of by an editor and I’ve worked with a team of Story Grid Editors, Shawn Coyne (author of The Story Grid; What Good Editors Know), and Tim Grahl (Author of Your First 1000 Copies) to develop an editing process that maximizes the value you’ll receive.

Are you stuck and not sure what to do next?

Schedule a free thirty minute phone consultation and we’ll discuss your work, what you’re hoping to accomplish, and where I can help. Ask me anything and I won’t hold anything I know back in hopes of selling you editing services later. Get advice or simply use the session to brainstorm. Your work is worth it and there are no strings attached.

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Do you have a manuscript?

Have you finished a story (or half of one) and want help evaluating your manuscript with the Story Grid Methodology and tool set? I’m specially trained to help you. I’ll read your manuscript, cover to cover and put it through rigorous analysis. You’ll receive:

  1. The 6 Core Question Analysis, answers to the questions all good editors ask when evaluating a manuscript.
  2. A One-hour Phone or Skype Consultation, recorded so you can reference the information in the future.
  3. A First-Five-Scene Story Grid Spreadsheet, a close look at individual scenes for how and why they work or what needs improving.
  4. Your Next Steps Recommendation Letter, a detailed account of what to do next to take your manuscript to the next level.
  5. Masterworks Recommendations for Your Genre (Plus, Additional Resources).

Learn more at The Story Grid.

Please be sure and specify you’d like to work with Rachelle Ramirez.

Need help finishing a first draft?

Are you stuck on your novel and not sure what to do next? Do you need help finishing a working first draft of a memoir or another nonfiction story? I’ll help you get “unstuck” and finish your novel or nonfiction manuscript in the next six months.

Learn more at The Story Grid.

Please be sure to specify you’d like to work with Rachelle Ramirez.

Not sure where to start?

Do you know you need some help but aren’t sure where to start? I’ve been there.

I’ll help you finish your book in six months or less. I’ll call you weekly and help you analyze your writing, figure out what to do next, and hold you accountable to a schedule of writing.

Learn more at The Story Grid.

Please be sure to specify you’d like to work with Rachelle Ramirez.

Need a synopsis evaluation?

A one page synopsis or query evaluation is $100.

A two page synopsis or query evaluation is $125.

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Have a short story you think will benefit from editing services?

Short story evaluations are $500

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“I write a lot of technical articles and Rachelle Ramirez at My Editor wades through them and discovers points that I have failed to make clear to my audience.  She poses questions that allow me to reconsider the direction or the information I am presenting.  She never changes my voice.  If anything, her suggestions strengthen it.  It is a pleasure to work with her as she always seems to ‘get’ what I’m doing and where I’m trying to take it.”
CD Redhawk, Owner of Diversity Computers
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