How to Get an Agent

Want to publish your manuscript?  If you’re not interested in going the self-publishing or assisted self-publishing route, you’ll need an agent.  Without an one, a traditional publishing house won’t review your manuscript.  And, more and more, the small presses won’t either.  You’ll need an agent who gets you invited to the publishing party, gets you […]

Critique Group Cheat Sheet: Create and Manage your Posse

So you’ve met some writers you think might be good for your new critique group. Maybe you found them on Meetup, at a community gathering, or a writers’ conference. Everyone is all smiles and “this will be great.” Then, you get nervous. What do we do now? Are we compatible? Do we have the same […]

9 Steps to Creating Your Writing Habit: Productivity in the New Year

     As my work at Oregon Writers Colony comes to an end, and the new year begins, I find myself needing to reestablish priorities. I’ve enjoyed every aspect of working with OWC, giving all my creative energies. And while I was never one of those new year’s resolutions setters, preferring to set and meet […]